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Directory — Administrative Departments

Title and Location Phone/Fax More Details
Academy of Senior Professionals (ASPEC)
Lewis House
727.864.8834 Fax: 727.864.2964 View Academy of Senior Professionals (Aspec) employees
Admission Office
Franklin Templeton
727.864.8331 Fax: 727.866.2304 View Admission Office employees
Advancement Office
Franklin Templeton
727.864.8222 Fax: 727.864.8423 View Advancement Office employees
Cobb Building
Fax: 727.864.8968 View Athletics employees
Edmundson Hall
727.864.8350 Fax: 727.864.7560 View Bookstore employees
Bursar Office
Franklin Templeton
727.864.8321 Fax: 727.864.8802 View Bursar Office employees
Business Office
Franklin Templeton Building
727.864.8314 Fax: 727.864.8802 View Business Office employees
Campus Safety & Security
Brown Hall
727.864.8260 Fax: 727.864.7737 View Campus Safety & Security employees
Career Center
Lindsey Hall
727.864.8258 Fax: 727.864.7781 View Career Center employees
Center for Academic Excellence
Brown Hall
727.864.7723 View Center for Academic Excellence employees
Center for Inclusive Excellence
Lindsey Hall
727.864.8831 View Center for Inclusive Excellence employees
Continuing Education
727.864.8422 Fax: 727.864.7575 View Continuing Education employees
Counseling Services
Edmundson Hall
727.864.8248 Fax: 727.864.8323 View Counseling Services employees
Dean of Faculty
Upham Administration Building
727.864.8212 View Dean of Faculty employees
Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile EMP
View Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile EMP employees
Environmental Health and Safety
View Environmental Health and Safety employees
Executive and Continuing Education (ECE)
Continuing Education Center
727.864.8213 Fax: 727.864.7575 View Executive and Continuing Education (Ece) employees
Facilities Management (Sodexo)
Facilities Management
727.864.8262 Fax: 727.864.8370 View Facilities Management (Sodexo) employees
Finance Office
Franklin Templeton Building
727.864.8311 Fax: 727.864.8802 View Finance Office employees
Financial Aid
Franklin Templeton Building
727.864.8334 Fax: 727.866.2304 View Financial Aid employees
Global Education
Seibert Humanities Building
727.864.8381 Fax: 727.864.7995 View Global Education employees
Human Resources Office
Upham Administration Building
727.864.8332 Fax: 727.864.7559 View Human Resources Office employees
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Armacost Library
727.864.8318 Fax: 727.864.7733 View Information Technology Services (Its) employees
Institutional Effectiveness
Upham Administration Building
727.864.7677 Fax: 727.864.7733 View Institutional Effectiveness employees
Leadership Development Institute (LDI)
Continuing Education Center
727.864.8213 Fax: 727.864.7575 View Leadership Development Institute (Ldi) employees
Armacost Library
727.864.8337 Fax: 727.864.8997 View Library employees
Mail Services
Edmundson Hall
727.864.8349 Fax: 727.864.7837 View Mail Services employees
Marketing and Communications Office
Franklin Templeton Building
727.864.7979 Fax: 727.864.8423 View Marketing and Communications Office employees
Office of Advocacy Services
Brown Hall
View Office of Advocacy Services employees
Office of Strategy and Operations
Edmundson Hall
View Office of Strategy and Operations employees
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
Continuing Education Center
727.864.7600 Fax: 727.864.7766 View Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Olli) employees
President's Office
Upham Administration Building
727.864.8211 Fax: 727.864.1877 View President's Office employees
Registrar's Office
Franklin Templeton Building 138
727.864.8217 Fax: 727.864.8060 View Registrar's Office employees
Religious Life
Brown Hall
View Religious Life employees
Service Learning
Brown Hall
727.864.7512 View Service Learning employees
Student Affairs
Brown Hall
727.864.8421 Fax: 727.864.8588 View Student Affairs employees
Title IX, Section 504 and Equal Opportunity
Fox Hall 117
727.864.7810 View Title IX, Section 504 and Equal Opportunity employees
Waterfront Program
Waterfront Complex
727.864.8288 Fax: 727.864.8161 View Waterfront Program employees

Public Points of Contact

In Case of Emergency

In case of life-threatening emergency, dial 911. In case of other campus emergency, call Campus Safety at 727.864.8260.

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